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MSc Applied Geoinformatics

Currently I am in my final semester of MSc Applied Goinformatics at University of Salzburg / Z_GIS. I started the master studies in winter 2016, after my work period at 2av GmbH in Ulm, Germany.
On this page you find an overview of work I created during the master studies in Salzburg.


Advanced Cartographic Design

This was a course tought by Anthony Robinson from PennState University who visited Salzburg during summer 2017. It covered various concepts related to map design and visualization, always keeping in mind the target audience.

Analysis and Modelling

During this course, I focused on methods of city modelling. With an exemplary model creation for the city of Salzburg, I explored possibilities and potential issues of common approaches.
The slideshow below shows an extract of slides from my final presentation.

I3 Project: SenSCycle

As a final step before the master thesis, the I3 - interdisciplinary, integrated and interactive project - enables application of all skills within one big project. I chose to work on the assessment of stress sensation during cycling using physiological measurements. For this purpose, I carried out a case study within the city of Salzburg during summer and autumn 2018. A major part of this project was the project planning and management as well as method work and implementation.
You find more information on the project on this page.


Born during the Copernicus Open Data Hackathon in Vienna, sharecropper was a project of Z_GIS employees and master students. We wanted to establish a participatory service for monitoring of cash crop cultivation. After approx. one year of planning and prototyping, we had to stop development due to other obligations.